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Do you remember those days?

The fresh smell of the earth touched by the water drops that mommy always said I should run as far as I can.
Our hands tangled, waiting for giants to come and challenge us, they wouldn't dare tough. We were invincible.

Can you recall those days?

Hide and seek.  I would  always find you, didn't I say? Hide and seek. Just behind the sakura tree, a peek of your pink blouse waves following the wind's direction (where to?). Found ya. I always said. 

My hand entangled with yours, the giants won't never come, you know. We are invicible.

I see the world spinning with us, falling down the street, and you tripped but I pick you up. Stand up. Take this hand filled with  sand. Can you see? As we walk, the dust specks start falling too, one by one. They are leaving a tiny thread  behind us, so it doesn't matter if we get lost, we will find our way back home. We just need to follow it.

But we won't never get lost anyway. We, together, can defeat the whole lost world who's speed keeps rotting our joints and bones and thoughts. But do not fear, we won't never change.

Although, as we walk, your grip gets loosen. Hey, don't loose yourself. Mommy's cookies are waiting for us. And the kids will be around the park too, they said they found a treasure map, it has to be a big hit, I'm sure. Hey. Your hand.


Your back.


Don't go back, we aren't even lost.


The world keeps running and if you are not here, I might get lost. You may...

Hide and seek. Your pink blouse mimics the sunrise's colors. Hide. And as I walk alone, the wind blows the sand thread behind me. And seek

I think I can't go back anymore. 

 The world is still spinning and I walk and walk all alone.  Everything is falling apart.  My bones, your thoughts, my hand, your back lost just around the corner, the smell of the air after rain, the lies,  the things that don't remain.  I couldn't find you.

 Ah, can you see all this? 

Of course you don't.

I can't really recall what I was doing before I faced the mirror and the only thing I saw was a poor man, tired, upsetted, sad, and sick. Still now, the fucked world keeps running but.


I do recall that feeling of greatness, once upon time.

Do you remember when we were invincible?

Because I do. I  always do.

Crita - 05/05/2014

<![CDATA[Invariability]]>Tue, 21 Jan 2014 18:53:43 GMThttp://tiny-space.weebly.com/engrish/invariabilityAs time gets older, I'm getting considerably aware that you are in nowhere to be found.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Crita, Aug 2012                                       
<![CDATA[Light]]>Thu, 16 Jan 2014 19:30:10 GMThttp://tiny-space.weebly.com/engrish/light

we might have fallen into
this rotten pit
remember who you

who you were cannot be undone
yo see

this mess will not kill us 
and certainly
will not prevail for
a thousand years more


here we are
naked bodies covered in mud
we don't look back
we don't look for
or forgiveness


do not say sorry just
stand up
hurry up
here we 

we truly are deep below into this dark pit with naked bodies covered in mud but we do not despair because 


there's a tiny grey light just around the corner
that it is not much but
it is

Stand up, you
collect your pieces


make sure 

catch, catch, catch

catch it

what you were cannot be undone
do not despair

 'cause this blurry future can be created